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Tumble Bears

Our preschool program is designed to teach younger students the basics of gymnastics, as well as dicipline, patience, and coordination. Our Tumble Bear program is for girls and boys ages 18 months-4 years old. In these classes, students work on jumping, climbing, balancing, as well as front and back rolls, cartwheels, handstands, and much more! 


The Mommy & Me class is for students ages 18 months- 36 months. In this class, mom or dad will go into class with the child. Once your child turns 2, he/she may join a 2 year old class, in which the child will go into class by him/herself.

Recreational Gymnastics

Our recreational gymnastics program is designed to give both girls and boys ages 5 & older a grasp of the great sport of gymnastics in a fun and safe atmosphere. This program is divided into different levels, which your child can progress through. Once completing his/her skill booklet, he/she will advance onto the next level. These levels include bronze, silver, gold, diamond, platinum, and boys bronze and silver. In this class, students will gain experience on vault, bars, beam, floor, tumble trak, trampoline, and the foam pit.

Competitive Gymnastics

Our competitive gymnastics team consists of levels 2-10 and Xcel. These gymnasts learn dedication and team building, as well as perfecting skills on vault, bars, beam, and floor. The optional gymnastics team travels throughout the US. We are proud of all of our champions at the State, Regional, and National levels.   

Recreational Cheerleading & Tumbling


Our recreational cheerleading program consists of back handspring classes, Power Tumbling and a performance squad. The back handspring class is broken down into two levels, which focus on learning back handsprings and round-off back handsprings. Power tumbling is a class for those who can successfully perform a round-off 3 back handspring tumbling pass. In this class, students will learn back tucks, layouts, and twisting. These classes are for 5 and older.

The Cheer-Stars Performance Squad is a group of girls who perform at local basketball games.

Ninja Zone


  • Energy Release

  • Discipline (without them knowing it)

  • Daily Challenges & Daily Wins

  • Confidence & Grit

  • Always a New Challenge

  • Learn Sweet Moves to Show Off to Their Friends

  • Core Strength & Agility to Prep or Compliment any Sport

  • Boys 4 & older. Girls 5 & older.

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